We are so happy to have you as a new client!

If you want to know more about how electrolysis works, please go to this page (FAQ’s) and this page (History of Electrolysis).

If you still have questions you need answered before committing to starting electrolysis, book a consult with us and we can explain more about how it works and answer any questions you may have. We do charge for consultations as it takes time away from our ability to treat other clients. What we do offer is the ability to do an appointment alongside the consultation and we waive the consult fee.

If you are ready to make an appointment and get started on your journey to be hair-free, you can:

  1. Text us at 310.474.4787 and ask us for available appointments
  2. Download the MINDBODY app, search for Zap! Electrolysis and book yourself. Click here to BOOK NOW.

If you have not had electrolysis before and want the consult to explain the process in more detail (though we mostly will be repeating the info on the
FAQ page) you can book a Consultation Only or book an initial appointment along with the Consultation Add-On. We charge for the Consultation Only but if it’s paired with a paid appointment and booked as an Add-On we will waive the Consult fee. We just want to make sure we are being compensated for our time as it is precious to us and to our clients wanting to get in for an appointment.

If you are wanting to book a facial or wax appointment, just follow the instructions above, and read the Pre-Care info.

Before you come in for your first appt or consult:

Please fill out our new client forms as soon as possible so we can familiarize ourselves with your health history. The TWO forms can be found here:

New Client Form

Liability Waiver

You will need to download them, fill them in, SAVE the info and then email them to us at info@zapahair.com.

We encourage you to visit our Pre-Care page for information on how to prepare for your appointment.

Be mindful of our cancellation policy at the bottom of the New Client Form. We do enforce it so make sure you read it and understand it.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to hairlessness.

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