Here we come to save the day! Enemy hairs and blemishes don’t stand a chance against the elimination powers of our highly trained Zappers! And if you are looking for access to the Zen Zone, we can help you get there, with our arsenal of top-secret — and skillfully targeted — deep relaxation techniques.

Tina Reynolds (Founder)

First let me thank you for your interest in Zap! Electrolysis and Skin Care. I founded Zap! Electrolysis in 2003 but my education started somewhere around 1993.

My introduction to electrolysis was as a client first. As many of you know, it can be addicting, and I’ve had electrolysis done on almost every body part. So when I’m working on you, I know how it feels. And I know how wonderful it is to finally be rid of unwanted hair. The bond I often have with my clients is about so much more than hair removal and while it may seem  superficial, the self esteem one gains after the electrolysis process  is often dramatically changed…for the better! That’s a true WIN-WIN cause it makes me feel really good to have been part of that process.

On a personal level, I am an animal advocate and am very passionate about animal rescue. There are so many unwanted animals. Please consider adopting  from a local shelter or rescue and avoid the “puppy mills.” The rescues and shelters always need donations of supplies and/or your time/money. There’s so many ways to give and it will come back to you, I promise. And of course, Spay and Neuter!

I have held the following positions with the Electrologists’ Association of California:

2016-2018: President
2012-2014: 3rd Vice President, Newsletter Editor
2006-2008: Secretary
2004-2006: 1st Vice President, Program Coordinator

See you soon!

Remy Heredia

My journey as an Electrologist began as I searched for a career change. I was working as a medical assistant for over ten years, specializing in OB/Gyn. I enrolled at the American Institute of Electrology where I completed the program and received my license.

I have found what I truly love as a profession. My focus is solely on the client’s comfort and maximum results. I am delighted to be a part of the Zap! Electrolysis and Skin Care team.

Rita Spiga

Skin Care has always been important to me. For many years, I searched to find a skin care professional to address my needs. Many times I was disappointed by the lack of education and information. So I decided to turn my interest into a career and became an esthetician myself.

I studied at Santa Monica College, which offers a very good esthetician program. Now, I am able to help people take care of and protect their skin and feel beautiful and more confident about themselves. I have been a licensed esthetician since 2005. In 2016, I received my electrolysis license from  American Institute of Electrology and now I am able to  remove your hair while also caring  for your skin so you look great for many, many years.

Ronna Pearl

I have a true passion for the field of permanent hair removal and a sincere understanding regarding unwanted hair. My experience with electrolysis began at the age of 20, when I went for treatment of unwanted hair that made me both embarrassed and very self-conscious.

Around 2004, I found an electrologist whose skills, professional demeanor, and love of her profession had a very big impact on me. She really understood what I was going through personally with the unwanted hair! When I was thinking about making a career change some years later, it was the memory of this woman (who had since passed away from cancer) and my desire to work in a field where I could help others on an individual level that prompted me to explore electrolysis as a career.

Today, I am very proud to be a working member in the field of electrolysis. I love applying my skills to help others get rid of their unwanted hair and feel better about themselves. When clients notice that the hair is coming back less and less or tell me that they no longer have hair on their chin anymore due to electrolysis, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. I am dedicated to continuing education in the field of electrolysis so that I can apply the newest proven treatment methods.

I have held the following positions with the Electrologists’ Association of California:

2016-2018 3rd Vice President, Newsletter

2014-2016 3rd Vice President, Newsletter (Editor of the EAC newsletter serving electrologists throughout the state of California)

Cynthia Veliz

My interest in Electrology began in 2022.  Upon searching for hair removal options, I came across electrolysis and was immediately intrigued with how it worked. I began searching for a reputable Electrologist in LA and that’s when I came across Zap! Electrolysis. I started off as a client here at Zap! and once I realized how much the results boosted my confidence, I became inspired to do the same for other people. Because my results were so good, I felt compelled to help other people who struggle with unwanted hair. This career is truly rewarding on both ends and I feel so proud to be able to help others the way Zap! has helped me. I completed my education at California Electrology Academy and got my license in the beginning of 2024. I feel honored to be a part of this team!

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