The 411 from Our Fearless Leader

ZAP! founder, Tina Reynolds, recently sat down with ELLE magazine to share her expertise.

Read the full article HERE and Tina’s excerpts below…

Q: How does electrolysis differ from laser?

TINA: Electrolysis is hair removal using a fine sterile needle, which is inserted into the open follicle as heat is distributed. Laser is best for dark hair only, whereas electrolysis works on any hair color.

Q: When is the best time to get electrolysis?

TINA: Choose a time that you don’t mind at least a week of no sun exposure. Since electrolysis causes inflammation and the sun causes inflammation, we don’t like the two being combined after the treatment.

Q: What’s the best hair type for electrolysis?

TINA: If you have dark peach fuzz, the laser can cause something called paradoxical hypertrichosis which leads to even more hair growth. So laser on the face is best for thick and dark hairs and electrolysis works better for those with dark but thinner hairs. Laser works great on body hair like bikini, underarms and legs when they are dark and thick. But as it thins the hair it sometimes hits a plateau so we often do clean-up with electrolysis on clients after they’ve done several laser sessions.

Q: How many sessions does it take to see results?

TINA: Sometimes we have to treat the same follicle a few times to ensure that it is permanently killed — so it’s not always one and done.⚡️💀

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