I have had such a wonderful experience with Zap!!!! Germaine is so wonderful I make appointments to see her every week (and sometimes even twice a week). She makes me feel so calm and relaxed I look forward to each of our sessions and the results have been amazing!!!!

- Sonia C.

This is by far the best electrolysis place in LA. I wasn't able to see Tina my last time there and was treated by Anna. She is wonderful and did a great job (I always worry when someone new works on me, whether it's haircuts or electrolysis). So, I can now recommend either Anna or Tina. They are both terrific. Just remember for permanent hair removal it takes more than one visit.

- Stephanie M.

Germaine is AMAZING.

When I began electrolysis at Zap, I seriously had tree trunks growing above my upper lip. Germaine has zapped them away. I went from worrying that I'd never be kissed again to mustache free and super confident.

Germaine is funny, kind and has a great way of making electric shock fun. Plus she gets results. She deserves five stars indeed!

- Suzanne C.

This is the best electrolysis place in the area. Tina is personable, meticulous and generous with her time.

She was out of town recently, so I made an appointment with Anna. Anna was truly wonderful, didn't miss a hair, worked quickly, and gave a thorough, relaxing post-treatment care. She listened to what I needed and was patient and professional.

Tina's schedule tends to be full, so if you want equally great service, definitely see Anna!

- Anonymous A.

There are no words that can express how pleased and greatful I am with the Zap staff. The progress I've seen in my face in the past months it's amazing. I go to Germaine and she is an extremely kind, awesome, and professional woman.

- Luisa U.

Everyone at Zap is extremely nice and personable. As most would expect, good people= good service. They are flexible with appts and days and times. Also, being the busy person I am, I needed to reschedule a few times and I was always treated nicely and every effort was made to accomodate me. The reminder calls are awesome, too.

- Rohya H.

Back when I began my research on electrolysis, I was very self-conscious and embarrassed about someone seeing my unwanted hair. UGH! From the very first time Tina worked her magic on me, I felt completely (without a doubt) comfortable. I was neither embarrassed nor self-conscious. In fact, I've been going to Tina for a few years now (intermittently - on different areas), and my self-esteem has improved! Not only do I reap the benefits of having no unwanted hair, but I see that there are many, many other people in the same boat as me (battling the war against unwanted hair)! It helps to put things in perspective.

Tina is a great conversationalist, will play the type of music you want to hear, has NEVER hurt me during the procedure, has a very clean office, and shares my love of animals (I know, I know - off the subject). She is very flexible and accommodating with scheduling (and is available on weekends - YES). I highly recommend Tina for electrolysis! She also has great connections in the skin care business. Do NOT hesitate to give her a shot! You won't be disappointed.

- Anna S.

I am one of those people who really likes to do their research before I dive into something new. I found Tina on the Electrology Association of California's website and she was listed as their Vice President so I know she would know her stuff! Her initial consultation was outstanding, explaining how the hair growth works and how the timing of my appointments would maximize the results. I have been to other electrogists and the progress was just not as effective. As I continued to see Tina, it was clear that she keeps up on the latest info and equipment because she is always adjusting to make her process the best.
My underarms are totally hair free and my skin actually feels softer. I have moved on to the bikini area and who knows what else - it's just that rewarding! I was so excited in talking up her skills, that at least 3 of my best friends now go to her religiously as well...

- Deborah D.

When my regular electrologist was unavailable 3 months ago I found an alternative - Tina Reynolds at www.zapahair.com. She did my complete treatment in one session, as opposed to the two my regular electrologist always takes. I assumed she had cut corners somewhere and I would have to go back sooner, but this was not the case. I was hair free for 3 months, but had paid half the amount I usually pay. Her treatment rooms are spotlessly clean and it is altogether an excellent experience. I highly recommend her.

- Miv E.

I have been going here for a couple of years now and all I can say is Tina is the best at what she does...electrolysis because not only does she take away all the unwanted hair but it doesn't hurt me one bit. All the hairs that she has zapped away have not come back so now I can work on other places. If you are looking for a very clean and friendly environment look no further this is the place to be.

- Cara D.

I can't say enough good things about Zap! Tina is so personable and really takes the time to clearly explain everything she's doing. You just really know you're in good hands with her, her work is great. Lovely office, everyone is really nice and they are always willing to accommodate my schedule.

- Traci S.

I'm very happy with the results of my underarm hair removal. Tina is great at what she does and explains the process and the biology of hair growth. Tina is very organized, always on time and keeps track of the progress. The office is easy to find and park and very nicely decorated.

- G. M.

Tina is fabulous. The service is professional and the business well-run and hygienic. Second and subsequent visits to Zap have been even better! I am seeing a lot of progress with controlling my hair. They are very flexible and friendly. I highly recommend this place!

- Amanda M.

After years of procrastination, I started seeing Tina a couple of years ago. I now regret waiting so long. I have had an excellent experience with electrolysis and Tina. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable from day one. Whenever my mom comes to town, she makes an appointment with Tara and speaks very highly of her too. A parking space in Westwood is hard to beat too. I love this place!

- Dawn S.

I can't even begin to describe how great a place this is! Tina, Tara and Chava are incredible and work very hard to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. I have been seeing Tina for two years(110 hours and counting!!) and with her recent expansion of the business, Tara and Chava are always there if i need to book a different time or want to expand my time for that week. We always have a fun time(hard to believe, since you're getting zapped, but we always put on Jack FM and play name that tune!!) They are all extremely knowledgeable and caring and I have recommended them to many friends...and they are good friends, so i wouldn't do that if they weren't the best!!

- Julie F.

Tina really knows her business and how to take care of her clients. She explained the electrolysis process clearly and practices her hair removal with attention to detail and total focus. Zap is a very clean salon and provides a pleasant, relaxed and calming atmosphere for what can be a sensitive and private procedure. I highly recommend Tina and Zap!

- Laura T.

I used to go for electrolysis at Belle Visage but Amalia no longer does electrolysis. Drat! After much debating on the many LA choices for electrolysis I decided on Zap. Tina and Tara are both great. Very professional and they both work in a timely manner. Electrolysis works. Price is average, about the same as other places I researched. I purchased a package.

- Tracy B.

Being new to electrolysis, I went online to search out a salon in LA and was very impressed with Zap's website. It was clear that Tina, the owner, has a lot of experience and training. Plus, I liked how committed she is to helping animals find good homes.

Anyway, I have only had great experiences with Tara who is competent and really nice. I have been pretty satisfied with how effective the treatment is; I have really noticed a difference in a short amount of time.

They are flexible with appointment days and times and I appreciate the extra touch of the reminder call. The salon is clean and comfortable, and I feel it is reasonably priced.

- Penina P.

To begin with, this is an amazing place! Tina is one of the nicest people I have ever met! She truly cares about you as her client, is ALWAYS receptive, responsible, and gentle. I am so glad that I chose Zap for electrolysis- I would have TRULY missed out if I had gone somewhere else. This is a truly exceptional business! I give it my most enthusiastic recommendation! Trust me- you won't be disappointed.

- Neveen E.

I can't believe I'm coming out and admitting that I have my hair removed. As a man, I was pretty embarrassed to be getting my back hair removed. But Zap made me feel totally as ease. And they have many male clients, so I'm not the only one. I started seeing Tina two months ago and can't believe the progress so far. I have seen Tara a few times as well. They are both awesome!

The office is always super clean too, as I am a germophobe.

Five big stars !!!!

- Tom M.

So I'm Italian (read: hairy). When I was little, my cousin and I used to make fun of our great aunt Alice's whiskers. Not too funny anymore. My cousin just finished her laser hair removal. After hearing my boyfriend rave about Tina, I decided to explore the electrolysis route.

I learned more from one phone call with Tina than I had from weeks of research on the internet. She's super knowledgeable and very willing to spend time to educate. I learned that there are many similarities between the two methods--both require multiple treatments to eliminate hairs in different stages of growth. But I decided to go with electrolysis instead of laser for a few reasons. The biggest is that on your face, laser can actually stimulate the growth of peach fuzz. I personally don't want to take the chance of replacing dark, thick hairs with light, fuzzy ones.

Despite my new hair removal education, I was still nervous as I arrived for my first appointment. Tina immediately put me at ease and explained everything so that there were no surprises. The only surprise was that it turned out to be less painful than I had feared--for me the pain was on par with tweezing. I was quite red and did hurt for about an hour post-treatment, but that's a small price to pay to not turn into my great aunt Alice.

- Shana P.

Tina is great. She makes the time go by fast, while zapping away. The place is clean, comfortable and professional. There is always plenty of street parking and I think there is parking in the back. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and the prices are very reasonable. I've been going for the past 3-4 months with great results.

- Amy H.

I've been with Zap - specifically Tina, Zap's owner - for over two years now, and I can't praise her enough.

She has made the whole experience as pleasant as humanly possibly, is always nice, and always puts the clients needs first. But even more importantly than being a great person, she's extremely knowledgeable and skilled. In all the two years there, not a single scar!

The salon is also always tidy and neatly decorated - it's a place where you can feel relaxed. Price-wise, Zap's definitely a good choice too. It's not too expensive, yet not so cheap that they have to cut corners.

- Robert B.

This place is AMAZING!!! I am a regular of Tara and both she and Zap are a gift from the heavens above. I have suffered from 'peach fuzz' and worse and have been waxing and plucking unsightly hair where women should not have hair for more than 10 years. It got to be too overwhelming and was affecting my spontaneity, confidence, and constantly making me strategize how to avoid certain situations. I said enough, and leary about the laser, I decided to get a consultation based on the reviews on Yelp. Tara was the first person I met with there and was immediately hooked. She makes you feel like you have known her for ever and makes you so comfortable to bare your hairy soul because she shares stories of her own struggles and knows exactly what you're going through. I can honestly say she is the only person on this planet that has seen me in all my hairy glory!

I did foolishly venture one time to another electrolysis salon and all I can say is thank goodness I came to Zap first or I would never have done electrolysis again! It surely doesn't feel good but Tara has perfected her technique, gives you ice, and makes it the least painful as possible. I can say this with certainty because I tried elsewhere and nearly died from the torture and ended up telling the woman to stop. Zap is a bit far for me but I wouldn't think of going anywhere else again. You get a great, private session, a parking spot, and a friendly reminder of your appointment the day before.

Tara is amazing and I am ever grateful to have found her. She has done wonders for me in terms of my confidence and also relieving me of the burden of constantly worrying about having to tweeze, wax and basically hide. This place is class all the way and the best money I can spend on myself. Thank goodness for Tara and Zap, I don't know what I would do without them!!!

- Amy V.

Zap is a hygienic, professional and skin friendly electrolysis service. Chava makes going for your session fun. she is very friendly, gentle and thorough in her work. thumbs up for the dedication.

- Kitty N.

Tina is a great electrologist! I have been going to her for over 2 years, treating various areas and adding more and more areas, and have nothing but good things to say. She uses the most up-to-date equipment (Apilus) and all popular types of electrolysis (microflash, thermolysis, blend). Her office is always exceptionally clean, she is available evenings, and she always calls the day before to remind you about your appt. I would recommend her to anyone for permanent hair removal needs.

I also had great results with laser at a doctor's office in Beverly Hills and it's a great permanent solution for dark coarse hair, especially on large areas. Electrolysis is great for fine or blond hair, but laser is a great way to go for large areas with coarse hair (faster, so cheaper). Of course, make sure to do your research well to find someone who knows what they're doing, has the right equipment, and cares about your results whether you're doing electrolysis (like Tina) or laser.

- Irena C.

Tina Reynolds runs this place. She's terrific - nice, thorough, organized, knowledgable, good bedside manner. For those who still electrologize, this is one of the few good places in L.A. Her prices aren't necessarily low, but remember it's your skin and you get what you pay for!

- Tippy T.

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